The Magic Key implies that there might be a secret key to the door of the mysterious world of love, success, and riches. “But,” you say, “if numerology could unlock that door, wouldn’t everyone know by now?” And wouldn’t everyone be using it to get what they want?

Actually, numerology doesn’t shower anyone with anything; it merely points the way and guides you down the right path to whatever it is you desire. How can this be? Well, let us say it acts as a road map, with all the paved roads, detours, hills, and valleys clearly marked. You simply pick your goals and follow the route the map indicates. Take it from me, a skeptic turned practitioner, numerology is a great aid to have to work for you. It has been accurately charting the destiny of mankind since before the sixth-century b.c., in the days of Pythagoras, astronomer, astrologer, philosopher, and first recognized numerologist—and it can easily do the same for you.