Vastu for Home

Home is the primary requirement of every human being. However, the comfort of a Home can only be felt if we are close to nature and as a result, closer to Vastu Shastra. The sun, air, and water are the main elements that affect the Vastu of any residence. The home or the lining abode is only considered comfortable if the inmates living there are happy and healthy Vastu makes sure that the people living in their home are living a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Vastu for Home is extremely important for the well-being of the people living inside the house. Dr. Kunal Kaushik is a leading Vastu consultant who can guide you through the entire process of “Vastu for Home“.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik is one such Vastu Consultant, who can help in making sure that your house is an amalgamation of all the positive Vastu elements and encompasses the various factors that radiate positivity. Home is the place where the majority of people spend a large portion of their life. It has to be perfect or at least near-perfect in order to make it a comfortable place to stay. Vastu can provide immaculate results in a very short span of time so as to make the home positive and worth spending time in.

The living room is one of the most important areas of your house. It serves as a playground for energy in the home. The right placement of the front door will bring prosperity and good fortune to the homeowner. It is also vital to place the prayer area in the proper place. The external environment of the house can have a significant effect on the fortune of its owner. An incorrectly shaped kitchen can cause health problems. For this reason, the main entrance to the living room should face the north or east.

If the toilet is in the north, then it may be a sign of impending health problems. The bathroom should also be away from the main entrance. If the bathroom is located on the east side, it is a sign of bad health. It could also be an indicator of a financial crisis, and it could result in delays in payment.

Stairs should be oriented north-south. Using the opposite direction for stairways can have adverse consequences for the house. It is best to have a single staircase if possible. If there are multiple stairs, the stairs must have the same number of steps on each floor. The northwest direction of the house helps with waste elimination. A toilet in the northwest is the most favorable direction.

A kitchen is an essential area in your home. It represents food and provides nutrition and protection from a variety of diseases. In addition to its physical function, it is also the place where fire plays a vital role. If you are planning to build a kitchen in your house, it is important to have a Vastu-compliant kitchen. The best location is in the southeast corner, but if you have bad Vastu, you should position the kitchen in the northwest corner.

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is the most important part of the house and should be orientated towards the southwest. The door should be open to a maximum of 90{af46b336bc146fb218ad0b512fdd889ab3abd234495ad6433b13d36c35aac2c1}. This will help channel positive energy into the room. In addition, the direction of sleeping must be oriented towards the south. The southern direction is the best direction for sleep. The bedroom should be decluttered.

The main entrance of the house determines the Vastu for home. The door should be single-framed, open inward, and be larger than any other door. A good location for the main door should be at the center of the building. A large room in the northeast is also a good location for worship. A large door will attract many people, and it is best to have a door facing the northeast direction.

The main door should not be located facing the kitchen, as this can cause health problems. The kitchen should be placed in a different direction from the entrance to the house. The kitchen should also not face the main door. If you want to attract wealth and prosperity to your home, the interior of your home should have positive energy.

Aside from the interior design and interior decoration, Vastu is a very effective way to attract good luck into your home. It is the most comprehensive form of Vastu. It is a practical and efficient method of designing a house. However, it is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires expert advice and detailed house analysis. So, if you are unsure of which of these approaches is right for your home, seek help from an expert.

Consult with the Best Scientific Vastu Consultant and Researcher Dr. Kunal Kaushik Today. Dr. Kunal Kaushik provides On-Site Vastu Visits and Online Vastu Advice Worldwide.

Vastu Shastra for Home

Consult with the Best Scientific Vastu Consultant and Researcher Dr. Kunal Kaushik Today. Dr. Kunal Kaushik provides On-Site Vastu Visits and Online Vastu Advice Worldwide.