In the 4 Days Vastu Workshop, we will teach you about the History and Background of Vastu Shastra so that we can make your basics clear about what you are going to learn. After that, you will study The Concept of Vastu Purusha, Its Origin & Importance. You shall also learn about the Scientific Logic Of Vastu Shastra. The most important part of this basic course is the Theory Of Five Elements (The Scientific Application Of Water Element – The Jal Tatva, The Scientific Application Of Fire Element – The Agni Tatva, The Scientific Application Of Earth Element – The Prithvi (Bhoomi) Tatva, The Scientific Application Of Air Element, The Scientific Application Of Aakash Element (Bramha Sthan). Using scientific explanations of the five elements of Vastu, we shall make the basics of Vastu clear. Various Contemporary Methods To Explain Vastu are also a part of this course curriculum. all in all, this course would be perfect for introducing you to the basics of Vastu Shastra, the Fundamental Guidelines Of Vastu Shastra that would be an excellent transitional topic between the basic course and the advanced course. Locations of Plot & Other Co-Factors and the Determination of Areas & Utilities would also be taught in this course so that the student gets to learn something new and interesting every day. Vastu Guidelines of Interiors & Facilities would be introduced so as to make sure that the introduction to interiors is done. Decoration Related Guidelines would be given. Basics of Commercial Vastu: Application of Scientific Vastu in Modern Time, Vastu-Setting of Departments in Business Premises, Application of Vastu Principles in Built-Up Area (Residential & Commercial)as well as Limitations of Vastu Shastra would be thoroughly taught here. Living a Blissful life, Methods to avoid Negativities, Vastu Supports to positive Thinking & Physical Efforts are also a part of the curriculum, the Introduction & Background of General Practitioner would be done, Essential Requirements of A Vastu Shastra Professional would be done. (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of the Drawing room, Vaastu Significance of mirrors at Home and Office (Role of mirrors & Its Use in Vastu), (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of Kitchen, (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of Bed Rooms, (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of Staircase (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of Study Area, (Micro Vastu Principles) Micro Details of Business Premises (Micro Vastu Principles) Harmony Factor would be taught in detail so that all the factors are covered in detail and nothing is left untouched. lastly, (Micro Vastu Principles) Vastu In Modern Life Style and the (Micro Vastu Principles) Vastu for Mental, Social & Physical Balance would be taught in detail as well.

Fees: INR 81000 (USD 1110)

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