Education is a lifelong pursuit. We never stop learning and growing even when we leave our school days far behind. Vastu can help transform average but hardworking students into high achievers. Full potential can be explored and hidden abilities discovered. Below are some Vastu tips to help students, writers and academicians enhance their performance.

  1. The study can be made in the west, east or north zones of a house.
  2. The entrance of the study should be north or east.
  3. Windows are preferred in the east.
  4. The study table should be towards the east or north of the room.
  5. Children should face north or east while studying.
  6. Keep an idol of Saraswati, the deity representing education, on the study table or in the northeast of the room.
  7. Children’s rooms must be kept clean and free of clutter. Almirahs, cupboards, study desks and bookshelves should be neat and tidy.
  8. Avoid loads in the northeast and the centre of the room. These areas must be open, free of clutter and absolutely clean.
  9. Have the beds in the southwest of the room. Avoid bunk beds.
  10. Children should sleep with their heads towards the south or east.
  11. Incorporating green colour in the colour scheme is effective in enhancing the intelligence of a child. Lighting a green colour night bulb in their room can also be useful.
  12. For parents coping with difficult children, make, sure that the door leading into the room is not facing a toilet or a staircase.
  13. The placement of a crystal globe in the northeast comer of the children’s room is a good enhancer of education and knowledge.

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