Vastu Directions

The Science of Vastu is based essentially on directions. As such, a thorough knowledge of directions and their significance, according to Vastu, is imperative when constructing a building. Further, to get your Vastu absolutely right, you have to understand the implications of the East and the West directions.

Directions play a very important role while constructing the building as per Vastu guidelines. Ever since ages, directions had been very important, people minutely observed the shadows cast by the sun in order to check the direction in past. Nowadays, we use modern equipment to verify the direction which is the magnetic compass which gives the exact results without any flaws. According to science, there are 10 directions but generally, for the knowledge, we consider only eight directions. Compasses that are round in shape and cover 360 have given 45 degrees for each direction.

The ten directions according to Vastu are:

Four major directions:

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West

Four Sub directions:

  1. North-East: In the center of east and north
  2. South-East: In the center of east and south
  3. South-West: In the center of west and south
  4. North-West: In the center of west and north

The other two directions as mentioned by Vastu are space and Center.

North Direction (उत्तर दिशा)

North is considered to be one of the best directions as per Vastu Science. Kuber who is the God of wealth and prosperity is considered to be the owner of the direction. The direction is defined to be the direction of wealth and career. The planet for this direction is Budh.

According to Vastu, it has been specified that this direction should always remain beautiful, open to light, as the body part of Vastu Purush has the chest area occupying the north direction. As per the latest studies and modern interpretations are done by the Vastu consultants and experts, the north direction that has the North Pole emulates positive energy. Energy is one of the basic requirements for building a strong structure, so it must be assured that the area in the north direction is kept open to let the energy find its way through the North Pole.

South Direction (दक्षिण दिशा)

South has generally been considered to be a bad direction but that’s a myth. South is the collection of all the positive energies from the north direction. Big openings to the south of the building should be avoided. As per Hindu tradition, the God of this direction is Yam who is the deity of death. Huge openings in the south direction result in problems and even sudden deaths. People also suffer problems in regards to being legally accused and injustice.

The planet in this direction is Mangal. It highly affects business, career, and financial prospects. Generally, closed places in the south are highly prosperous. South helps in storing wealth in form of energy. A heavy and closed wall to the south of the building keeps Yam away to enter the house.

East Direction (पूर्व दिशा)

The direction owned by Lord INDRA is considered to be a very strong direction. Indra is the lord of rains, festivity, overall prosperity, and power. He is very good at manipulating things in life. The planet ruling the direction is Lord Sun, which is powerful and its strength cannot find any match. Sun is responsible for growth in life and thus east is the direction for growth. Except for north, east should also be kept open and clean.

Having heavy walls to the East and not allowing ventilation, windows and doors make life stagnant. Having a staircase or toilets in the east direction is considered a major defect as per Vastu. Even a small obstruction to the East can create problems in your life.

West Direction (पश्चिम दिशा)

The direction is responsible for stability in life. The owner of the direction is Lord Varun. Lord Varun brings fame, rain, and fate to the life of the person. The ruling planet in the direction is Saturn. Usually, large openings in the direction are not suggested as the energy from the East from Sun is not stored in the West if there is a huge opening. West direction is generally defined to be occupied by lower abdominal and reproductive organs of Vastu Purusha, thus entries and openings to this direction spoil the prospects of income in one’s life.

North – East Direction (उत्तर पूर्व दिशा)

A beautiful direction that one can trust as the direction is ruled by one of the most powerful gods of Hindus, is Lord Shiva. The ruling planet being Brihaspati brings health, wealth, and prosperity to the life of the person. The planet also signifies knowledge and spirituality. The direction is considered best for the scholar students, as it is a pious direction. It is considered that most of Vastu’s principles are concentrated in this direction, as it is really sensitive.

There is a powerful axis full of energy that starts from North-East and heads towards the South-West. If you have washrooms in the Northeast direction it is considered to bring health issues and business problems. Generally, heavy structures including toilets, stores, and bedrooms should be avoided in this direction. Having a fire element placed in this direction causes accidents as well.

South – East Direction (दक्षिण पूर्व दिशा)

The southeast direction is ruled by Hindu Deity Agni dev who is the lord of fire and thus making this direction highly sensitive in nature. The representative planet for this is Venus.

Sun who is considered to give life has a harsh attitude towards this direction, as infrared rays are emitted into this direction. Generally, the direction is hot and always used for fire-related works. Fire reacts easily with air and water, so one should consider it properly while placing any other element near the fire. The direction should be dealt with in a delicate manner.

South – West Direction (दक्षिण पश्चिम दिशा)

The direction is ruled by a demon called NIRITI and the corresponding planet is Rahu. The direction is the strongest amongst all, as it shows the energy that flows from North East. If the direction is used correctly it assures healthy and strong life. It is responsible for the health, wealth, and confidence of the person. South West direction can bring in name and fame to your life, but if Vastu tips are not followed it may bring problems in regards to the structure.

If the direction is not used properly it may bring depression, suicidal tendency, and anxiety into the life of the person and reduce the energy level as well, making him feel low. It can be responsible for problems in the family as well. So, if the direction is strong you can be assured to have a prosperous life.

North – West Direction (उत्तर पश्चिम दिशा)

The direction is owned by Vayu dev, Hindu God of Wind. The direction affects the wind element. The ruling planet in the direction is the moon. The places to the North West are generally unstable as they are governed by the wind.

The direction brings an opportunity in the life of the person and if used as per the direction under Vastu Shastra, can bring in progress in terms of career as well. If the direction is not used properly it may result in a confused mind and result in diseases as well. It also results in restlessness in the life of the person.

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