The application of Vastu at the very beginning stage during the construction of any building is a vital step for the smooth completion of the project. There are many small factors which have to be fulfilled before beginning the Construction for the smooth working, many a time it is seen that somebody had started the construction process but had to stop due to some reason, be it a real estate developer, a builder or a person who is constructing his own building, many times some people face a lot of issues with authorities, money shortage, labor problems, accident on-site, etc.

Dr. Kunal Kaushik always recommends that one should Consult for Vastu at the time of Plot Selection because at that time he can check all the energies of the plot if it is suitable for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial because different energy levels are required for different types of plot. after that, he checks the shape of the plot, the directions, etc. There are more than eight different types of energies, radiations, and vibrations which are checked at the time of plot selection.

There are many things to be kept in mind, from start to finish during the construction of the building, in which Vastu plays a very important role, like When and from where to start the construction, placement, and positioning of the building material, Labor Quarters, Water Connection, Sewage Line, Drainpipes, Electricity point position, Placement of tools and machinery – which is to be used during construction, etc.

These points are to be followed strictly for smooth construction, otherwise one may face hurdles during the construction like issues with authorities, shortage of funds, labor problems, accidents on-site, etc.

If you are also constructing a premise, we will recommend you to get a Vastu Consultation done for your Site. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kunal Kaushik for your premises.

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