Vastu defects or dosha is defined to project deficiency and flaws for the characteristics distributed in the eight directions. As it is strongly considered by the experts that Vastu is a science of structure that assures prosperity and commitment to souls in heaven. But as most of the people who are living life in the urban areas in the pre-constructed buildings, it is difficult to meet the needs of directions specified by Vastu.

It is not always possible to have a perfect exterior meeting the guidelines specified by Vastu, so we can have a firm focus on the interior of the space. The defects can be rectified by bringing minute changes to the interiors and rearranging certain objects with the help of charged objects. Every defect has a smart remedy that comes along with it and if they are implemented properly they guarantee prosperity and peace. A few of the remedies that one may choose to nullify the defect are listed here,

  • Windows that are to the west of the room may result in serious health issues including cancer so try and keep them close.
  • Use sun painting in the east of the bedroom to assure the prosperity of the relationship between husband and wife.
  • Children while studying should face east to extend concentration.
  • Place your head to the south or west while you sleep.
  • TV in the house should be placed either in the east or north direction.
  • Keep your rooms clean and tidy to avoid laziness.
  • Sell the things which are no more in use to avoid the heavy head.
  • Girls who are desirous of getting married soon should choose the room facing northwest or sleep in the northwest direction.
  • The stove in the kitchen should be in the east direction.
  • Try and have fresh flowers in the house to spread positivity
  • Big trees in the houses should be planted in the south and west directions.
  • Give water to the rising sun daily to have a fruitful and healthier day.
  • Owner’s cabin the offices should be in the South-west direction.
  • You can have an aquarium in the northeast direction to keep yourself calm.
  • Microwaves and fridges in the kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction.
  • Toilet doors should be kept closed to avoid letting in the negativity in the room.
  • If the north direction in your office is blocked place Vastu yantra to enhance positivity.
  • Raw material in the factories should be placed in the south.
  • Computer or laptops should face north or east to get quick results.
  • Study books in the Children room should be kept to the east.
  • Water sinks in the kitchen should be in the north direction.
  • While drinking water face yourself towards north-east direction
  • While having a meal keep the plate in the South-East direction
  • Pictures that portray violence or war should never be hung on the walls of the houses, offices, or any other business area as they spread negativity.
  • Try and keep the northeast of every room open, clean, and clutter-free.

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