People will enjoy their stay and holidays in a farmhouse if following simple principles of Vaastu are observed during the construction. They will like to come there again and again and the owner will get some return on his investment.

  • Select the place for the farmhouse. which has pits, ponds, and rivers, etc. in the northeast zone and hill rocks and mounds · in the southwest zone. Such a place for your farmhouse will be a boon to your fame and prosperity.
  • The land for the farmhouse should be of square or rectangular shape to get good financial returns. The southwest zone of the land should be 90°. Much open space should be left in the east and north directions while carrying out construction.
  • The owner of the farmhouse suffers from all types of troubles if the east, north, or northeast zone of the place is cut, depressed, or rounded. Such a place is inauspicious. These directions should be corrected either to nullify this defect. The place is auspicious if these directions are increased.
  • Swimming pool artificial waterfall and pond etc. should be constructed in the north or east direction of the farmhouse. Well, or boring should be in the northeast zone. It will be inauspicious if these are in any other direction. Tremendous financial problems arise if the swimming pool is constructed in the center of the farmhouse.
  • East, north, and northeast zone of the farmhouse should be lower than the west, south, and southwest zone for success. The opposite condition is fortunate and if so the west, south, and southwest zone should be made level by soil filling.
  • The main entrance of the farmhouse on the left side of the east and south-facing plot and on the right side of the west and north-facing plot is auspicious.
  • Any obstruction, like electricity pole, column, tree, etc. in front of the Main Entrance of the farmhouse is called door penetration. This is inauspicious and creates problems in the progress of the farmhouse. This defect is removed if there is a public road in between the obstruction and the farmhouse. This is also not inauspicious if present behind or on either side of the 1nain entrance of the farmhouse.
  • Do not construct farn1house below any high-tension electricity supply line. The electromagnetic waves of these lines affect the health of the residents.
  • The arrangement for electricity meter, transformer, and other electrical appliances should be made in the southeast zone.
  • The kitchen of the farmhouse should be made in the southeast zone and the dining hall in the west direction.
  • The campfire and barbecue should be done in the southeast zone. It should be done in the south of the southeast zone but never in the east of the southeast zone if there is a swimming pool in the east direction.
  • The rooms of the farmhouse should be constructed in the west, south, or southwest zone with heavy windows in the east and north directions. The beds in the roon1s should be such that the heads should be in the south and legs in the north directions while sleeping.
  • To get the maximum benefit of the vital morning sun rays the place for puja should be in the northeast zone of the farmhouse.
  • The toilets should be constructed in the northwest direction or southwest direction leaving the southwest corner open. Do not construct the toilet in the northeast zone in any condition.
  • The septic tank should be constructed in north or east directions only. This can be shifted to any other direction only when there is a swimming pool.
  • Health club massage room and steam bath etc. should be in the northwest zone of the farmhouse. Arrangements for indoor games can also be made around this place.

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