Selection of the plot for the commercial complexes should be done as per the Vastu guidelines because the type of soil, shape, and size of the plot and other topographical features hold a significant bearing in Vastu.

For Commercial Vastu, location is a prime deciding factor. Commercial complexes and shopping malls must be easily accessible and well-connected. Availability of open areas around the property and enough parking space is also an essential prerequisite.

A compound wall can then be constructed to define the boundaries of the plot. All four sides of the building should have compound walls. Always have the South and West walls higher and thicker than the North and as walls.

The main building for the commercial complex or shopping mall can be in the South-West sector of the plot, leaving more open space towards North and East directions. North-West sector can be used for parking. Have lawns, ponds or fountains in the North-East sector. Make sure that the North-East of the plot is not cut or damaged in any way.

It is auspicious to have the main entrance in the North or East directions. Have your Main Entrance in the exalted grids. Alternatively, the Main Entrance can be on the North of North-East, East of North-East, South of South-East or West of North-West depending on the direction the plot is facing. Never have your main entrance on the South or West of South-West, North of North-West and East of South-East. A commercial complex can have doors in all directions in the auspicious grids.

Slopes are advisable to be towards North, East and North-East. Keep the South-West highest and North-East the lowest.

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