Love can breed in the house by changing the placement of things according to Vastu. The tips that can be followed to ensure happy married life are:

  • The master bedroom should be in the Southwest corner to let love in the life of a couple.
  • Bedrooms to the southeast corner should be avoided as they spoil the intimacy between the couples. They also lead to divorces.
  • The room in the Northeast is worst for newly married couples as they remain childless.
  • Metal beds are not correct to pick and wooden beds should be used.
  • The positioning of the bed in the north and east zone of the room should be avoided as it causes mental stress.
  • The bed should be placed in front of the door of the room or the door of the toilet or balcony.
  • While sleeping the head to face the south and legs to the North for better personal life.
  • The doors to the toilet should always be kept closed and the toilet seat cover should always be down.
  • Do not sleep under the beam as it causes mental stress.
  • Do not sleep in alignment with the sharp corner as it may cause stress in the nervous system. The rooms with sharp corners do not allow peace unless you place plants to soften them.
  • Bookshelves in the bedroom should be in the West or southwest corner.
  • The door to the bedroom should open to 90 degrees to allow positive energies to flow in the room.
  • Painting of Lord Krishna as a child is advisable in the room as it spread happiness.
  • For painting the walls light rose, light green, or blue color should be used to give soothing effects.
  • Waste or unwanted things in the bedroom and cupboards should be avoided to assure sound sleep. To assure good relationships clutter should be avoided as it restricts love.
  • The mirrors can be placed on the south or west wall and should not face the bed.
  • Computers and TV should be avoided in the room and if they are there they should be covered with a cloth while sleeping.
  • Painting symbolizing fights and quarrels should be avoided as they push negative energies into the room.
  • If the kitchen is in North East corner of the house it leads to enmity between the couple.
  • Pickles and knives should be kept covered because when they are kept open they bring sourness to the relationship.
  • Couples aspiring for children should not sleep in the Northeast corner as magnetic energies act as barriers.
  • The aquarium should be placed in the bedroom as they bring material losses.

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