Shops can face any of the four directions. Sometimes, comer shops having roads on South and East, South and West, North and East, North and West are also available. Among the comer shops, Southwest comer shops are much better than the rest. ln this case, although South and West are open, invariably there will be a comer in Southwest to take the load and because of the openings in South and West, stress at this point will be maximum.

Hence, the shop enjoys a good Vaastu field. Most of the successful shops are Southwest comer shops. Among other things, I find that a shop that faces either North or East does better than the one facing South or West. However, the road gradient is a critical factor when it comes to shops as the road forces have an important role to play. If they are positive it can be a powerful support. This can give good results in South or West facing shops also. Irrespective of the direction which your shop faces, it ‘is better to improve the Vaastu field by clever arrangements of loads. See the following figure which gives entry position, cashier’s position, and storage racks position for all the four facings.

People who have Shop with South and West opening can improve the Vastu strength by going for a small depression in the North-East area. The depression can be to the extent of 1/ 4th the length on either side. It is better to keep a water fountain or any other water body to keep the area cool.


In the case of a corner shop, one has to check the road gradient carefully before designing the main entry. If you have, for example, a Northwest comer shop or a Southeast comer shop, it does not automatically mean you should select North or East as the main entry point. You have to consider the right gradient and keep the functional door in the direction which has a better road gradient. As far as the loading pattern is concerned, it is the same as discussed above.

Vastu for Shops is very important, it can help in running the shop smoothly and can also help in making profits in the long run. it felicitates the overall working and functioning of the shop and can greatly influence the well-being of the owner as well.

One must get the Shop Vastu checked before purchasing the shop or before renting it. The Shape of the Shop, Size, Facing, Roads, etc is of utmost importance in the smooth functioning of the business.

If you are already running a shop, then you can also get Vastu consultation done, to run your business smoothly, and to achieve success in business.

It is very important to check all the things like Entry Position, Racks, Shelf, Cashier’s Position, Storage, etc.

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