For Banks and Financial institutions, the most recommended orientation is North, the direction of Kuber, the God of Wealth General guidelines of Vastu should be adhered to while a selection of land or building. Veethi shoola or any roads coming directly at the plot or building should be analysed as per positive or negative Veethi shoola positions.

Square or Rectangular plots or offices are recommended for banks. Staircases can be located in the South, West or South-West. Cupboards, almirahs for storage of records should be towards the South and West direction. More open space should be kept towards North and East.

The cabins for the directors and top managers should be in the South-West sector of the bank. The interior of these cabins can be as per the Vastu guidelines. The top managers and directors should sit facing North or East. The reception and Enquiry counter should be in the Eastern sector.

The workstations/cabins etc. can be made in the South and West directions. The North and East sectors can be used for clients/customers as waiting areas.

The cash counter should be made in the North. The cashier should sit facing North or East. The cash counters should be square or rectangular. Cash should be kept in the drawer on the Southside opening towards North.

Main Strong Room, lockers or safes can be placed in the North direction. These can also be placed in the North basement. All lockers should be kept towards the South and they should open towards the North.

The loan disbursement department can be in the South-West, as South-West being the Earth zone gives a practical and logical approach to work. This can ensure control of loan disbursement and safeguard against bad debts.

The cash deposits counter should be in the central North. Payments counter can be towards West of North West.

Parking is advised to be in the North, East and North-East directions.

Toilets can be made in the North-West sector. Water coolers can be in the North-East. Pantry, canteen should be towards South-East corner. Transformers, generators, main computer room can also be made in the South-East sector of the bank. The air-conditioning plant can be located in the North-West or South-East sectors.

The Brahmasthan should be kept light, open and airy. No construction is recommended at the Brahmasthan of Banks and financial institutions.

The North-East sector should be strengthened and energised by the placement of an idol of the god. North-East should be kept absolutely clean and clutter-free for a flow of positive energy.

The interiors of the bank must be aesthetic, pleasing and welcoming. A good work environment boosts the energy level and morale of the staff and customers alike. Avoid clutter and build-up of unnecessary papers and records in your work environment.

Vastu consultation is very important for banks. This is because a bank is the most important asset for any country. All the finances and financial matters of the country are taken care of, by the banks of that country. Therefore it is said that Vastu Consultation is very important for any bank.

A Vastu Consultation in any given bank would include the placement and positioning of the various cabins of the personnel of the bank including Branch Manager, Cashier, Depositor, etc.

Vastu Consultation is also important for banks because all the important money matters and financial decisions are done by the banks of the country. Therefore for the smooth functioning of the finances of any country, Vastu for Banks is very Important.

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