The plots which are oriented towards the angles and not the cardinal directions are called Vidisha or Angular plots the roads in these plots can be on the NE, SE, NW, or SW directions. Plots with road/roads on NE give auspicious results Plots with Roads on SW are unsuitable for residential purposes but can be used for commercial purposes taking care that entrance is not made in the S-W.

Important Points for Construction on Vidisha Plots:

  1. Leave more open space in NE of these plots.
  2. Constructions should be parallel to the boundaries of the plot.
  3. Rectify any extensions or reductions in the angles of these plots.
  4. South and West directions of the plot must meet at 90°.
  5. Construction of the Basement must be only in N, E, and NE.

It is very important to buy a good plot as per Vastu Shastra. We must check the Energies of the Plot, Direction of the Plot, Shape of the Plot, and the surrounding area of the Plot.

Checking the Energies of a diagonal plot is very important while choosing a diagonal plot, one must get the energy checked of it, there are more than 8 types of Vibrations, Radiations, and Energies which has to be checked before buying the Plot. Always buy the plot which has Positive Energies and of good Shape, Size, which has positive surroundings, etc.

If the plot does not have good energies, or not in good shape, or has a negative slope in it, one may get hurdles during the Construction, may have a Shortage of Funds, may get stuck in some legal issues, or the owner gets ill. there are many problems that can arise if the Vastu of the plot is not checked thoroughly. therefore, it is advisable to get the Vastu checked as soon as one buys the plot.

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