The bed and the bedroom are very important areas of the house and if out of balance, can create disharmony. The other thing you must be careful about is the location of your bedroom in the house.

Are you facing friction and clashes in relationships? if yes, then these problems between the couple can multiply and disputes get intensified.

The other thing to look at is the quality or the type of bed to use. In classical books on Vastu, measurements about the kind of bedstead (paryanka) and other couches are also given. In today’s context, the queen-size bed seems to be the ideal size. It is more than adequate for two people and still keeps the couple close. A king-size bed may be too big and can create distance between the couple. Any bed which is too small can create tension in the relationship by being too claustrophobic.

The bed should be made of good quality wood and must not wobble or creak. Box beds are ideally not recommended due to their split effect but due to the paucity of space, they have become unavoidable. For couples facing marital disharmony, it is recommended to use a double bed with a ‘single’ mattress. You can also stitch up the seams to make the mattress appear as one.

The area under the bed must be kept clean as dirt and dust accumulate a lot of negativity. Shoes, slippers, etc. must not be kept under the bed. Make sure to declutter and sort out things kept in the box-beds from time to time.

Important Vastu Tips for Marital Harmony:

  • Newly-married couples should not occupy a bedroom located in the South-west area of the house, especially if they live within a joint family. This can lead to friction between the bride and her in-laws. A bedroom in or near to North-west corner would be preferable, if possible.
  • Pregnant women should not stay in a bedroom that is situated in the Northeast corner of the house, as staying in a room in this direction may increase the chances of miscarriage.
  • According to Vastu, the South-east is the ideal place for fire and other related gadgets. Hence, the couple should not position their bedroom in this direction, as it may cause high blood pressure and chronic irritability, resulting in clashes in their marital relations.
  • The couple should make sure that they share the same bed, mattress and sheets. This increases harmony in relationships.
  • Bedsheets and pillow covers should be replaced every six months as they absorb all the negativity that you shed on them while sleeping.

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