Getting Vastu Advice for a mall is very necessary, rather inevitable because following Vastu principles for the construction of a mall ensures that the shops inside the mall are flourishing and making optimum profits. Doing this also ensures that the sales of the mall go up the graph rather than coming down as time progresses. If Vastu advice is not taken for any given mall, it might lead to the degradation of the mall and the cinemas or shops might even shut down. By following Vastu principles We are avoiding just that. Vastu ensures that there are growth and development in the mall. Therefore one should ensure that Vastu is applied to every facet of life and that includes building up malls as well.

We have seen in many cases that the mall’s projects may get stuck in the middle, it is because of negative Vastu, many a time we have seen that the mall project is completed successfully but, one is getting hurdles in renting or selling the shops, money getting stuck, investors are pressuring, unable to pay the installments and etc.

To avoid these types of problems, one may get the Vastu Consultation done before starting the mall project, or if already started the project one may take the Vastu advice as soon as possible.

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