A home is a place where we expect to enjoy our peace, progress, & prosperity, health & wealth, and faith & spiritual development from our home. Hence to ensure that we must follow Vastu while Constructing a house.

While Constructing a House, one should follow Vastu from the 1st day. We must select an auspicious Plot for the Construction of a House which has very good Energies and in proper shape, slope, and with good surroundings.

Then at the time of Construction, we must ensure that Vastu should be followed at the time of laying the foundation, erecting walls, right structure balance, Plumbing pipes, Sewage Pipes, Electricity Setup, Light Slots, Switch Boards, Proper air Ventilation in the House, etc.

After the Construction Part, the Interior part gets Started, Vastu principles must be followed in this part also, the Interiors of the House must be as per Vastu to maintain proper energy flow in the House. The Almirahs, Beds, ACs, T.V, Sofas, Dining Table, Sitting Area, Bathroom Fittings, Position of Appliances in the Kitchen, Doors, Windows, and Colours in the House will be also as per Vastu.

Vastu is very important for the smooth completion of the project, many times some people face a lot of issues with authorities, money shortage, labour problems, accidents on-site, etc due to bad Vastu.

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Before starting the construction one must be totally prepared. There are Vastu guidelines that can be followed for the safe completion of the construction of the house.

Determination of site orientation

The direction of the site should be studied well before the construction start with the help of a compass. If the axis does not show to be parallel to the earth’s magnetic axis then the angle of tilt is to be considered. The corners of the plot should be 90 degrees and the compound wall should be laid only after the proper placement of the corners.

Clearing the site

The site should be cleared and cleaned before starting the construction. All kinds of stone, dirt, debris, bushes, thorns etc should be ejected and thrown away.

Vastu Pooja

After clearing the site the first ritual to be performed before the construction is started, is to conduct Vastu pooja or Bhoomi Pooja. This ritual should be conducted at the auspicious time set by the astrologer. The pooja should be to the North East corner of the plot. The pooja is not done if any lady in the house is pregnant. This ritual is performed is to give the owner psychological confidence that this huge task of building the house can be accomplished without any worries or problems as the site has been blessed. Avoiding the pooja during pregnancy is to assure rest to the lady as the ritual requires sitting on the ground, which may be painful for her.

Soil Test

Two pits of 2’*2’*2’ should be dug at the site. Fill one of the pits with the dug soil, if some soil is left the land is good if no soil is left land is average and if the pit is not completely filled by soil then the land is clayey and not fit for construction. Fill the other pit with water, if the time taken to absorb the water is more than an hour the land is perfect and if there are cracks in the pit after the water is absorbed then the land is unfit for construction.

Levelling the Site

Levelling of the site where the slops are constructed as per Vastu guidelines, to ensure the site is at a higher level than the road and the southwest corner is higher than the northeast corner. According to Vastu whole of the site should be ploughed to give new life to the soil. If there are any wells or depressions in the land they should be covered as well.

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