The plot is the foremost prerequisite to constructing a house or a building. During the selection of the plot special care should be taken in regards to the shape of the plot. A perfect rectangular or perfect square plot is considered the best for construction. All the angles of the plot should be 90 degrees. Though the truth is tetragon has all the angles like 90 degrees but are not considered good for construction.


Square plot

The plot with both the length and width being equal is considered to be an ideal site for the construction of the house. According to Vastu, it brings in all-around growth happiness, and prosperity. Years back the house was designed surrounding a square courtyard to allow ventilation. The square plots had been the most considerate plots for decades.

Rectangle Plot

The plot with length and width in the ratio of 1:2 is considered good. In case length is north facing and width is west facing the plot is even more suitable. Such plots bring in health, prosperity, and wealth for the residents. Like the square site, it is easy to construct houses on the plots with space for trees, etc. and thus there is no waste.

Triangular Plot

These fire shape plots are not considered good as there is always a fear of fire on them.

Circular/ oval/ Elliptical Plot

Such shapes of plots according to Vastu bring in bad luck for the family and thus are not considered good.

Plots having more than 4 Sides

Hexagon, Pentagon, Octagon shaped plots should not be chosen as sites for construction as people in such houses are always with fear.

Gou- Mukhi Plot

The plot that is wide at back and narrow at back are called the Gou-Mukhi plot and they are highly auspicious for the construction of residential houses.

Simha- Mukhi Plot

The plots narrow at the end and wide at the entrance are Simha Mukhi Plot. They are not considered auspicious for the purpose of living.

Plots with Corner Cut

Plots without the corners visible should never be purchased. If you still wish to buy such a plot have a consultancy session with the Vastu Expert. Vastu says plots with no corner are not pious.

Plots with extensions or projections

The plots having extensions in North or East or North-East are suited for construction. Other extensions are inauspicious. Plots having extensions in South East, North West, or South West are not considered good. They bring misfortune.

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