An office building should be in a separate complex from the manufacturing area and has to be planned to keep the weight factor and number of floors. If a large space is required for office activities, then it will be advisable to place the structure in the Southwest. If it is a ground floor construction then you can plan it towards the North or East of the manufacturing area.

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The entry is best if it is from the Northeast corner. When it is not possible, South of Southeast and West of Northwest are also allowed, as long as no toilets are present in Northeast or Southwest. When you search for office premises, please check the following:

  1. The floor level should be uniform
  2. There should be no toilets in the Northeast or Southwest.
  3. The entry door should not be lying in the negative half of that direction.
  4. There should be no staircase or lift in the Northeast comer.
  5. A door should not face a staircase or lift.

The seating of the office personnel should be such that no person is sitting right under the beam. There is no strict rule that the Chief Executive should sit in Southwest. If it is possible, you can adopt this position. If it is not possible or prefers some other area like Northwest or West, you can certainly, move to that position. Just because a person sits in Southwest, he is not going to become the boss. Nothing is that simple.

The Vastu Shastra of the office should be correctly done as the fate of the office is decided by the placement and positioning of the interior and the cabins of the staff. the success of any office is decided by the Vastu done in that particular office space. the staff’s seats and cabins should be in the right direction, the office pantry should be in the correct direction, the cabin of the MD should also be decided by the Vastu consultant, the place where the important files and documents are kep[t should also be in the correct direction.

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