Commercial Vastu is one of the most popular practices these days. Choosing, selecting, and building a commercial building or site according to Vastu Shastra principles can greatly help in creating an environment for the workers at the commercial site that is positive. If the builder keeps in mind certain Vastu principal for his commercial site, his shops/offices would sell out sooner and even the buyers of those shops/offices would proper.

The builder would also be proper if he keeps in mind that while he can always get Vastu Shastra consultancy once the building is complete, he should try and get Vastu consultation done before the building process starts.

All the things should be kept in sight while getting the Vastu survey done and Vastu principles should be applied to the commercial sites/industries / commercial complexes/factories / multistory building is some of the places that should be checkers for Vastu flaws so that there are less negativity and more positivity in the commercial building.

This is one of the places to the rescue where scientific Vastu comes to the rescue. This is because if the building is already constructed, it becomes nearly impossible to demolish it and come up with a new and Vastu-friendly map where all the principles of Vastu Shastra are followed for positivity.

Scientific Vastu Shastra ensures that all the principles of Vastu are followed properly and there is no demolition of the building done in this entire process. While scientific Vastu is of great help during the correction of Vastu flaws in a particular commercial site, various therapies are also of utmost importance in such cases.

There are sites where value for the high price of the building is taken and maximums space utilization is done for the desired numbers of shops to fit in such cases, we can very well depend upon salt therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, and the likes to get the desired result from Vastu.

Therefore, we have observed the commercial Vastu is a necessity for today and age and it is an absolute must for every builder to get Vastu checked for his premise commercial site for the smooth functioning of the building while it is being built up and for easy – selling of the shops inside it.

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